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My experience is a mere interpretation!



Bob Weir & Ratdog Sunday evening


View from the camping area on the right slope. (Satrudaty Afternoon) This picture doesn't nearly show how far up the hill we were and how steep the hill was. At the very bottom was "Shakedown Street".


View from the "Gondola lounge". This was a focal point for the party people of the event. Yeah!Anyone who was there @ about 6:00am on any morning knows exactly what i'm talking about.


View from Top of the Left Camping area. We initailly walked up this side and vowed not to do it again.


The Ritual This was the continuous weekend ritual of carrying the beer up and down the mountain. That which does not kill you makes you drunker!


Just Another Saturday Night I believe this is right about when Michael Frianti & Spearhead were wrapping up their set.


Downtime Here's Kevin. He semms to be comtemplating the deeper existence of life, or not! Maybe he's just sittng there thinking "what the fuck happened last night"? Note: this tent was completely destroyed by wind the following afternoon.


Hmmm? I'm not really sure when this was, things were a little cloudy right about about then. It's difficult to tell but these were the two main stages The performers switched off stages so there would not be breaks between sets. The sound came through teh main PA system regardless of which stage was active. Nice work!


Impending Doom This was the thunderhead about to wreck the place. I shot this through a hole in the tent. About ten minutes later we were holding to this tent with dear life to stop it from blowing away.


...And then there's Me Here I am, feeling pretty miserable. I'm waiting for the rain to subside.Did it subside? Sure it did


Tent: Here's what I was staring at. This was actually quite soothing at the time. I just wished that I were napping.


I wish I had more pictures of the Mountain jam 2008 weekend. The truth is: I was having too much fun to be breaking out the camera all of the time. I did miss some great photographic moments because the phone I was using to take the photoghraphs died sometime between Sunday night/Monday morning. You'll just have to go next year to see what it's all about.

Mountain jam

Hunter Mountain, NY

3 days of Music, camping, partying, walking up and down the mountain again, and again, again, and again, again, and again, again, and again,(hold on, let's stop and have a beer!) again, and again, again, and again, again, and again, again, a again, again, and again, again, (let's stop for another beer!) again, again, and again, again, and again, and again, and again, again, and again, again, and again, again, and again, and again...


Mountain Jam Facts:

#1. Don't arrive with expectations of getting a good night's sleep unless you plan on getting so drunk that you wouldn't wake up in your tent was on fire and a cround was stomping out the fire! Yeah, that means you princess!

#2. If you're going to have sex in your tent, turn off teh lantern or charge admission. (Hey lovers, you know who you are!)

#3. Get to know and love canned beer. The more you like the better off you'll be. Big up the Busch!

#4. Arrive early or don't camp! (See the views from top of camping area to understand why)

#5. If the parking attendant looks thirsty then hand him a beer. Oh, and ther's not a ny limit on how much beer you can bring into the event.

#6. "Radio Flyer" wagons have never looked so cool! When you are carring your beer and someone strolls by with one of those you feel silly. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

There was probabaly about 10,000. tents or more on site. Hunter Mountan was a city of about 30,000 people for 3 to 4 days....


This weekend was sponsered by DMT.


When was the last time you blinked and realized you were in inother dimension?

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